Are you an empty nester, or are you retired?  Is your present home too large and you would like to scale down? Do you plan to travel? Do you want to reduce the exterior maintenance of your house and yard?  There is a process you need to follow.

  1. Assess Your Housing Need and Timeframe

First you must decide how much house you need.Are there physical restrictions which would require special housing designs such as no stairs or 4’ hallways?Perhaps a condominium or townhouse would be better. There are also 55 and older active communities in the Triangle that might be of interest to you.Do you have to do maintenance or updates to your present home in order to sell it? How much of your current stuff will be going with you and how much to you need to sell or give away?

  1. Establish the Value of Your Present Home

Call me to determine the present value of your home.Your future decisions may be based on the equity your home has accrued.You will need a realistic approach based upon the real time market trends and what the competition is from other homes currently on the market and how quickly you need to move?

  1. Contact a Lender

You will need to contact a lender to determine your comfort level in mortgage payments.You will also need the information about the value of your present home and the equity you’ll have.It would also be a good idea to talk to your financial planner to make sure this is the best move for you to do.

  1. Finding a New Home

I will listen to your requirements and desires and narrow your search to those homes and areas that would be the best fit.I will help you come up with an offer price based upon a market analysis of the home.I am focused on negotiating the best possible terms for you.I will be there for the home inspection, repair negotiations, appraisal and closing.I am there every step of the way to make real estate easy to navigate.

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